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Degradation of airframe parts in aviation is a serious issue that has significant impact on operation costs, which are essential for maintaining aircraft airworthiness.


We work together with Honeywell International s.r.o. on research and development of new technologies for monitoring, analyzing and predicting the state of aircraft structure by means of Structure Health Monitoring (SHM) methods. Honeywell International s.r.o. is the key coordinator of this research project.





The research is focused on monitoring the degradation of airframe parts of the airplane due to the development of fatigue and corrosion damage. The developed technology allows continuous or periodic monitoring of hard to access critical parts of aircraft structures using permanently installed sensors.


The developed SHM system will be part of a higher level information system connected to the logistic and maintenance planning system, which will allow further reduction of time consumption of planned maintenance and optimization of the entire fleet utilization (for aircraft operators). Implementation of this technology will lead to a reduction of the overall operation costs and increase of the operational safety of the aircraft.


The first step, development of SHM methods and their integration into aircraft maintenance systems, was addressed in the project ENTIS. The project was supported by Czech national funds provided through the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic. This project has a follow-up in an intended project, SIGMA, which will result in a particular application of the monitoring method.