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AI as a holder of certification for trainings according to Part 147 offers a wide range of trainings and exams. Type rating training is led by the experienced instructors with long-term experience in the area of aircraft structure and maintenance. For all types of rating training is expected that candidate is acquainted with basic knowledge of systems used in the aviation industry.


  • The organization authorization No. according to Part 147: CZ.147.0010



Type rating training

For aircraft type Let L-410 (Walter M601), Let L-410 (GE H80), Let L-420 (Walter M601).


  • Type rating training for B1 category
  • Type rating training for B2 category
  • Type rating training for C category
  • or combinations of above stated trainings
  • Difference type rating training (from B1 to B2 and vice versa or between the particular models)
  • Introductory/Type rating training at the level I. (suitable especially for management and engineering organization operating in the aviation area)
  • Type training at Level II. (intended for LINE maintenance)
  • Type training at level III. (aimed at BASE maintenance)
  • Type rating training at the level IV. according to ATA 104 (suitable for maintenance centers performing the highest level of maintenance)
  • Continuation training (this training is offered upon request and it is so called "refresh training" for the specific model of aircraft or its particular modifications)
  • Job training in accordance with Part 66 requirements



Type rating training outside the Part 147 approved organization


  • Introductory training is suitable for applicants who do not require training from authorized training organization, and is intended especially for management, engineers or other job professions in the institutions operating in the aviation industry. Trainings are based on the specific requirements of applicants concerning knowledge about the aircraft, its particular equipment and system functions or supportive documentation. After the completed training the candidates receive certificate outside the Part 147 approved organization.



Certificate for graduates
A candidate who graduated the appropriate type rating training successfully, will receive only one original certificate that is issued in accordance with the EASA requirements.


In case of lose or destruction of the original certificate, the issuance of its duplicate is imposed an extra charge of 35.00 EUR (included postal services).





Application Form for Type Rating Training (xls)

Maintenance Training and Examination Organizaction Approval Certificate



Hynek Fojtik

Head of Type rating training

tel: +420 572 817 695