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>> Certification of L410 UVP-E20 with new power plant

At the end of April 2013, certification of the new power plant (H80-200 engine and AV 725 propeller) used on the L 410 UVP E20 aircraft was finished. The new power plant will start serial production and replace the existing power plant; GE M601-E engines from the same producer, GE Aviation Czech, and propellers V-510 from AVIA Propeller.


Nová pohonná jednotkaWith the new engine, take-off performance will increase from 750 SHP to 800 SHP and the thermodynamic performance will be improved. This brings increased utility value to customers who operate our aircraft at airports in high altitudes, high atmospheric temperatures and with short runways. It is important to mention that the engine parameter improvements were achieved with the original dimensions and weights of the former GE M601-E engine.


The AV-725 propeller is the modernized variant of the former V-510 propeller and is characterized by higher effectiveness and lower weight. The producer of these propellers and modernized propeller is AVIA Propeller.


Aircraft with the new power plants have a higher cruising speed, reaching 405 km/h, longer range, 1520 km, and a lower fuel consumption of about 5%. Significant factors influencing operational costs are: longer periods between engine overhauls, from 3 000 FH to 3 600 FH, and a shorter take-off distance. In addition to improved performance, they will enable operations in territories where it was not possible before.


The certificate was issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on the basis of successfully completing the certification process, which was very challenging and demanded extensive analysis, calculations, and ground and flight tests. Flight tests were conducted during the whole of last year. Testing was primarily focused on parameter verification of the power plant, flight characteristics and performance under standard atmospheric conditions and also under extremely high environmental temperatures, near +50°C. Engine and aircraft performance in extremely high temperatures were tested in the UAE. Tests proved better aircraft performance than expected under conditions of hot atmospheric temperatures.


Among the last tests, which were conducted at the end of the last year at the Kunovice airport, were flight tests measuring outside noise according to CS-36 regulation. The task proved that the aircraft doesn´t disturb airport surroundings. The results of these tests passed CS-36 regulations easily.


Finally, on January 26, the Kunovice airport conducted verification flights for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Czech Republic, during which were verified chosen aircraft performances and characteristics by CAA pilots.


První vzlet s novou pohonnou jednotkouThe first prototype take-off, which started the above stated certification process, was conducted on November 16, 2011at the Kunovice airport. Approval of new power plant implementation created conditions for the broader use of the L 410 UVP-E20 aircraft in regional aviation transport worldwide.