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>> Certification of the new power plant in the Russian Federation

The L 410 UVP-E20 aircraft with the newly integrated power plant (GE H80-200 engine and AV 725 propeller) which was certified in late April by the  European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has also had its modification certified in August 2013 by the Russian aviation authority MAK. The issuing of the above document allows the modified aircraft to operate not only in member states of the EU but now additionally in the Russian Federation – our primary target market.


The L 410 was initially built especially for the Russian market, which means that from 2005 more than half of the aircraft produced in Kunovice have been delivered to Russia. Certification in the Russian Federation of the new power plant will enable us to intensify delivery to the Russian market due to increased utility value for the aircraft operator.


The new engine has a better take-off performance (800 SHP) and remarkably higher thermodynamic performance which will be especially appreciated by operators operating at airports at high altitudes, high atmospheric temperatures, and unpaved or short runways. Significant advantages of the new engines are lower fuel consumption and extending the time between major servicing to 3600 flying hours, therefore reducing operating and maintenance costs.


Here at Aircraft Industries the production of the existing engine has been completely replaced by the production of the new H80-200 engine. The new engine is still supplied by the same supplier, GE Aviation Czech s.r.o. The new propeller is supplied by AVIA Propeller, s.r.o.


Approval of the installation of the new power plant in the L 410 UPV-E20 in the Russian Federation has allowed for its wider use in this area.