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>> Another departure of L410 UVP-E20 to Khabarovsk

On Sunday 15th Septemeber the local community were invited to watch the departure of another new aircraft, the L410 UPV-E20, this time to Khabarovsk in Russia. Aircraft number 2908 will carry passangers on their regional routes. The aircraft has been fitted with the latest propulsion unit (the GE H80-200 engine and AV-725 propellers), an electronic flight information system (EFIS) with a digital display and autopilot. The aircraft is a 19 seater and sliding bulkheads allow for the size of the cargo space to be altered when required. Just out of curiosity, we would like to add, that due to the destination being 8.960km away, an auxiliary fuel tank was added. The crew on this flight consisted of pilots Mr. Sklenar and Mr. Orlita, and engineer Mr. Naplava.


Due to the delivery of this aircraft being at a time of severe flooding in the region, Aircraft Industries a.s. also sent 100 000 Roubles to help support and deal with the flooding.


The public had the opportunity to see inside the aircraft and the specialist aviational high school, which the manufacturer operates to raise the next generation of aircraft mechanics.