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>> Negotiations about restart of the Blanik production in Kunovice

Aircraft Industries a.s. has found a way to save and restart this legendary project, and Blanik Ltd, a part of S7 Engineering responsible for carrying out maintenance of aircraft produced in western Russia, sold the Type Certificate for all types of all-metal glider previously produced at LET Kunovice (known today as Aircraft Industries a.s.). S7 Engineering became the owner of the technical documents belonging to these gliders and for newly manufactured aircraft in order to insure their use on the market. Aircraft Industries a.s. even after the change of Type Certificate ownership still provided the parts needed to ensure the airworthiness of the gliders and therefore S7 Engineering performed all activities related to the certified design organisation (DOA – Design Organisation Approval) under a co operational contract.


Negotiations are currently underway with S7 Engineering negotiating producing the L23 gliders just in Kunovice, Moravia. The final decision on the production location will be confirmed during the assessment of the investment project by S7 Engineering, who recognises Aircraft Industries a.s. as a convenient and effective option as Type Certificate holder.



Restarting production will not only please new customers (flight school, sports pilots and aircraft enthusiasts), but will also benefit the local area due to the need for extra workers, whose number has been estimated at several dozen. It will also be a specialised job, requiring skilled and specialist workers. A new manager has also been appointed to oversee this project, who will deal with all work related to the Blanik gliders.



    The  L 23  is  an all  metal  two seater ,   which  was

    intended primarily for basic and more advanced pilot

    training.  The  sports  series  was mass  produced in

    Kunovice from 1989,  with approximately 300 gliders

    having  been  made  before  being  discontinued  in 

    2006.  Aircraft  Industries  a.s.  has been continually

    producing spare parts and provides technicalsupport

    for gliders still operating.