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Our company took part in the ASD aviation conference in Prague on the 23rd-25th April 2014. The event takes place annually, and was held in the Czech Republic for the very first time this year. Our company was represented by our director Ilona Plskova and representatives from the business and technical departments. Conference visitors were able to learn more about the L410 UVP-E20 and see different sized models of the aircraft.

The conference was attended by members of European aviation unions, businessmen and politicians. This year was dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of the aviation industry, and trying to find a common strategy for future years. The conference was started by the Forum of Young Professionals, where we were represented by young employees from our technical department. The second day consisted of debates known as Knowledge Cafes, where businessmen, politicians, and experts met in moderated discussions, and the third day was where committee meetings took place about the competitiveness of the aviation industry.  The ASD conference was a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of our company and our aircraft amongst European professionals.