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In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, we strive to implement these principles into the company strategy and, while accomplishing our goals, we do not leave out social and environmental aspects.


Among the social aspects of CSR is philanthropy, so therefore, we support various charity organizations, sports clubs and other institutions.


Summer 2015

Gathering support for Czechoslovak aircraft


For the year 2015 our company Aircraft Industries, a.s. decided to support the 2nd Gathering of Czechoslovak aircraft, which took place on June 20, 2015 in Vysoké Mýto. The action takes place every year at another airport, but always with the same determination and friendly atmosphere. This event is intended for aircraft which were manufactured in Czechoslovakia since 1950 and have a long tradition and quality that confirm still active air traffic. Among them belongs our L 410 as well. This event is no open to the public, only for registered participants with the necessary skills. Gathering of Czechoslovak aircraft is based on respect and trust to those wonderful flying machines.



Summer 2014

Gathering support for Czechoslovak aircraft


In many aero clubs and private hangers you can find aircraft from the golden age of Czechoslovak aviation. Names such as Aero, Avia, Let or Zlin became famous worldwide and are still known by pilots today. We won’t forget about this important part of our history, and would like to pay tribute to manufacturers and designers of these great aircraft. All of these aircraft have one thing in common – a long history and quality which keeps the aircraft in active service today.

The people who dedicated their lives to these beautiful and exceptional aircraft will celebrate at the Gathering of Czechoslovak aircraft, held this year in Tabor from 27th – 29th June 2014.





Spring 2014

We have become a partner of the 2013 Salvador prize project


On Friday 25th April our company presented our company stand at the Day of Salvatore in Otrokovice. Visitors had the opportunity to see models of our aircraft, have a look at promotional material and buy various company items intended for marketing. This event was part of the 2013 Salvador Prize, which our company supported financially and for the 11th time recognised extraordinary actions to save lives, health, property and the safety of residents in our county. The award was given to members of the integrated rescue system, meaning civilians and people with legal powers in the county of Zlin. On the 19th March a gala evening was held, where our company presented the people taking part in the evening.


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We are supporting children with cancer in Uherske Hradiste


At the Easter benefit concert for children with cancer in Uherske Hradiste, our company helped buy diagnostic equipment for the young patients. The concert, where Aircraft Industries a.s. presented themselves, was organised by the KRTEK (Mole) childhood cancer foundation and was held on Friday 18th April and the Hvezda cinema in Uherske Hradiste.



Our company supported the 2014 Year of Czech Culture in India


Our company is trying to develop and strengthen its business relationships inIndia, so we decided to support the 2014 Year of Czech Culture. The presentation of our company may help to increase the future supply of aircraft there. The project aims to spread the rich culture of theCzechRepublic, focussing on the business sector, diplomatic circles, general public and university community. During the project there was an exhibition of „Brno with the spirit of Bauhaus“ and the student symposium competition „ Spectropia 2014“, which 1500 architecture and design students and professors took part in. The competition gained new fans at every stage inIndia. The third cultural event which took place in the project was „The festival of Czech cuisine“. The festival showcased Czech culinary specialities, plus Czech glass and Czech pictures and Czech and Moravian national dress.


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Kunovice shooting club


On Saturday 29th March 2014 young shooters from the SBTS Aircraft Kunovice shooting club and members of the Cervena Cesta 1st and middle school shooting group in Kunovice took part in the Czech championship of military sports Optical shooting – laser riffle competition. Three member teams took part in age groups such as young pupils under 12, older pupils, youths, and juniors. They competed on 10 meter targets and the team with the worst score got knocked out. Each shooter had to „illuminate“5 targets with the laser rifle. Younger pupils shot just from a lying down position at a 35mm target and older categories shot at an 11mm target while standing or kneeling. The younger pupils had the best score, and held on to last year’s title with 803.82 points.


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Winter 2013

Kunovice Shooting club


Even in winter SBTS Aircraft Kunovice shooting club, which is run by our company Aircraft Industries, trained children for shooting competitions. Children, who joined the club in October this year, took part in a competition called „St Nicholas‘Ray“. 12 Children in total took part in a laser rifle shooting and shooting in prone position competition. As it was the children’s first competition, all children were awarded a St Nicholas goody bag.


Children who had been shooting for more than a year took part in a competition along with adults on Saturday 7th December 2013, called St Nicholas‘pellets. In total 20 competed, who fired air rifles in prone position at a distance of 10m. We congratulate the winners.


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Autumn 2013

Shooting Sport Club Kunovice


Throughout 2013, our company Aircraft Industries has been supporting the activities of the shooting club SBTS Aircraft Kunovice. Thanks to our support, on the 4th and 5th September, the club competed in the 2013 international championship of the Czech Republic’s association of technical military sports in Prudké u Doubravníku na Tišnovsku.


Subsequently, on Friday 11th September along with Červená cesta primary school, they organised a military service day for primary school pupils. The day consisted of 4 activities: shooting with laser guns, an obstacle course, a walking trail and finally first aid and carrying the wounded. The competition and day with Červená cesta primary school bid farewell to a successful 2013.


Our company Aircraft Industries and Červená cesta primary school would like to thank Mr. Jiří Jurásek for his successful year long work with the children on the shooting range.


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Summer 2013

Supporting education in the region


On Tuesday 4th June 2013 our company collaborated with the Faculty of logistics and crisis management from Tomas Bata University in Zlin. We took part in the science, art and education fair, which took place all day on Masaryk Square in Uherske Hradiste.  The event was aimed to promote technical education in the region and its main objective was to gain interest from pupils, students and the general public in technical subjects. Local firms and institutions introduced themselves so that people could get a sense of what they do and relate to their activities.


The event was supported by RNDr.Ing. Lenka Cimbalnikova, Ph.D., MBA, director of the faculty of logistics and vice-dean for external relations and lifelong education for the Faculty of logistics and crisis management of Tomas Bata University, Zlin. JUDr. Jaromir Manasek personally participated, who thanks everyone who took part.


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Winter 2012

Regional Charity Uherské Hradiště


The day centre for elderly citizens, which falls under the regional charity Uherske Hradiste, asked our company to support their art competition „Living with the elderly“, for which we have donated several promotional items. The competition was organized along with first and secondary schools and the children’s home of Uherske Hradiste. Young people had to draw pictures of Living with the Elderly. The purpose of the art competition was to support intergenerational relations and encourage young people to think about the status of elderly people in society, respect, understand, strengthen relationships and communicate better with senior citizens. The award ceremony took place on the 7th December 2012 in Orlovna community hall, Uherske Hradiste.


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Summer 2012
Civil Association „MOST OLOMOUC“

Among the goals of the association belongs also the integration of handicapped people into the society. We supported some sports activities of this association.


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Cultural Events of Kunovice City

We support cultural and traditional activities of the city, where we are located.




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